My Approach

Conventional financial planning focuses on building a large account balance primarily using stocks or mutual funds. When you retire there’s always a question of how can you make your retirement accounts last a lifetime.¬†Unfortunately, the volatility of the stock market puts your hard earned money at risk. When the stock market takes a downturn and you’re taking money out of your accounts, your balances drop faster than expected.

I take a different approach. I believe the purpose of saving for retirement is to actually have money during retirement; no matter how long you live. From the beginning, I focus on your retirement income. The strategy is to maximize your retirement income; guaranteed for life!

Todd Howell

My Story

I truly have a wonderful life! I’ve built the lifestyle that I love. The lifestyle I don’t ever have to retire from.

But my life sure didn’t start this way. I was raised by a single mom who struggled to pay the bills. I learned the importance of proper financial planning.

I was the kid in high school that loved following the stock market. I remember when the Dow Jones hit 2,000 for the first time. Although I learned the principles of saving and investing life hasn’t always gone smoothly.

I’ve learned that life has unexpected twists and turns and you need a financial plan that is flexible so you can weather whatever life throws at you.

Meet the Team

There’s a great team of people working behind the scenes to help me help my clients achieve their financial dreams.

Learn a little bit about my team.


Josh Watson

Personal Assistant

Josh is a licensed financial professional so he understands what it takes to help our clients reach their goals.

Josh loves camping, hiking, and anything outdoors.


Jade Burbank


Jade is a wonderful asset to the team. She always has a cheerful attitude and loves helping our clients.

Jade enjoys spending time with friends and traveling all over the world.

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